Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Affirmation Project: Day 28

My Positive:  I've made an impact on the lives of others.

This is a really strange one for me.  I feel extremely pretentious claiming this one.  I only do it because it was a revelation to me several years ago, and again reminded of it just last year. In my tenure as the Youth Director at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, I saw many "kids".  High school kids, to be exact.  I did my job, I had pretty decent attendance numbers and we went on a couple pretty cool trips.  The one pictured above was the most memorable...beginning with a dead squirrel.  (Don't judge me, swerve a 15 passenger van with 14 kids, or leave fate to the squirrel and his non-stealth like movements?)  The group never let me forget that poor little squirrel.  And I thought that's what they remembered the most about that trip.

What I have since learned is that they remembered more.  They remembered how beautiful the mountains and rivers were, how to work as a group, how to deal with different personalities, and how to have fun and love each other and nature.  Apparently, through our trips and weekly youth group get togethers, I made an impact on their lives.  When I say "their" I am only speaking of 2 that I am verbally aware of (assuming all would only make an a$$).

At a wedding last year, another young adult made me aware of the impact I made on her life.  I'm not sure what exactly I taught her, but I hope it was love and caring and fairness and integrity.  She has all those things, so perhaps a little of mine rubbed off on her.

People come in and out of our lives, but the ones we remember with fondness had an impact on our lives in their own way.  Mrs. Reagel, my second grade teacher in Clarence, had faith in me that I could pull off Cinderella in our class play.  My grandma Joyce taught me that women should work, even if the boss chases the women around the desk to slap buttocks.  Tom taught me that saying "I'm the best" over and over really does make you feel better about yourself.  My brother Keith taught me that being kind and compassionate brings good things to ones life.  Sam taught me that farts really are funny.  My youth group taught me that even though I might kill a squirrel, they still like my company.  All this leaves an impact on my life.

My Affirmation:  I am a good person and people will remember me for that, and that's good enough for me.

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Anonymous said...

Never doubt the impact you have made. You touch people every day with your kindness, your beautiful works of art in fabric, photography and food,and your natural ability to be a friend. Never doubt the power of you. Heatherlyn (not really anonymous :) )