Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Affirmation Project: Day 17

My Positive:  I am a good friend.  I may not have always been a good friend, in fact I often remember times when my friendship was at a low point.  I wish I could take some of those times back, but, they also taught me lessons in kindness, etiquette, and truth.

Listening used to be very tough for me.  It's hard to sit back, listen, and not interrupt.  I'm trying to look into the eye's of my friend and feel the words.  I've realized that the looking helps the understanding.

While away on a work trip, my friend Meredith and I were taking a much needed respite at the hotel pool.  I was floating and she called something to me from the pool deck.  I said, "Wait, I can't hear you, I don't have my glasses on."  I hear with my eyes as much as with my ears.

My Affirmation:  Become a great friend and listen with my ears, eyes and heart.

(Are you wondering about the photo relationship to the Affirmation?  There is none, deal with it, don't judge...gray and gloomy isn't the most inspiring time to get out the camera).


Sherilyn said...

Carrie, I love, love, love this affirmation! We should all try to listen with our ears, eyes and heart. As for your picture, it is rather appropriate. New growth taking hold can be challenging and rewarding, just like the growth on the rock. Thanks for another great post.

Jeans and a Sweatshirt- said...

Fantastic! You are doing a great job this month! All of your positives are so true.

Carrie G said...

Sherilyn...always wrapping things in a bow. New growth, I like it.

Sam...thank you! It is definitely eye opening.

Meredith said...

Great post, and not only because you brought back a fun memory of us at a hotel pool (which was hilarius, by the way, and has put a smile on my face today) but also because you are such a great friend, listener, advice giver...I promise that we will always be friends.

Carrie G said...

Thanks, Meredith. We did laugh for many days after that simple statement. I love you!