Friday, May 13, 2011

The Affirmation Project: Day 13

My Positive:  I can make gluten free taste like gluten.  Pizza, check.  Banana Bread, check.  Cream Puffs, check.  Lasagna, check.  Christmas cut out cookies, almost.  Still not quite my Mom's (aka Pillsbury), but close.  It's been a really long and hard road.  One that is all downhill from here.  There is one cookie that never works for me, a lemon cookie.  So, with the advice of my neighbor, fellow gluten omitter, I'm going to add lemon to my sugar cookie and see how that comes out.

If any of you reading this feel like gluten free is a fad or a way to lose weight, you're mistaken.  My boss, Jeff, still kids with me that I'm faking this one.  Celiac Disease, my reason for eating Gluten Free, affects 1 in 133 Americans.  That's a lot of people.  And I'm proud to be one of them*.

My Affirmation:  I will perfect my Christmas Cut Out Cookie to the point that I make them for every holiday!

*  I have been questioning my diagnosis after the removal of my very scarred gall bladder.  All the pains I had, thinking they were gluten attacks, could possibly have been only gall bladder attacks.  But for now, I remain GF until I am ready for retesting.

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