Monday, May 16, 2011

The Affirmation Project: Day 16

My Positive:  I am smart.  I am not the opposite of smart.  This is a hard one to feel comfortable with claiming.  I know the idea of this Affirmation Project was to put forth my qualities and be positive.  If I was reading this on someone else's blog, I'd think "Smart or Snooty?".  But, so be it.  I am smart.  The easiest way for me to wrap my head around this one, is that I am not stupid.  I may not be brilliant in science or mathematics or history, but I am smart. 

My Affirmation:  To remember those people that have passed through my life and thank them for the lessons they taught me (CDBE; KB and SB). Fare thee well.

As I am halfway through this project, I wanted to tell you how much joy this project has brought to me.  The power of positive thinking is an amazing tool.  Some of my friends are joining in on the blog, some on their own blogs, some on Facebook, please join.  If you have not, I challenge you to write down 20 positive things about yourself.  Just list them on a sheet of paper, no explanation, just a quick list.  It is an empowering exercise.  Try it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. good friend
2. freckles
3. great (dare I say) dancer.
4. hell of a whistler
5. possessor of physical strength and inner motivation when required
6. witty and sarcastic
7. readable writer
8. good eye for photography
9. speak spanish comfortably albeit not perfectly
10. good cook
11. great snuggler for kids and others
12. solid giver of advice/listener
13. french fry connoisseur
14. good driver (shut up)
15. avid reader
16.nice eyebrows (at least that is what my mom always told me)
17. caring and kind to people on the street
18. thrify as all get out
19. the most observant person i know
20. did i mention my dancing?