Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Affirmation Project: Day 11

My Positive:  I love baseball.

I have Tom to thank for that.  When we were first dating, we were hanging out in his parents' basement on the old orange and brown floral velvet couch watching the World Series.  I struggled to keep my eyes open, not finding much excitement in the slow game.  They weren't even teams he was necessarily fond of.  He just loved the game.  

When we moved to Chicago, Wrigley Field was a wonderland.  Tom is a life long fan of the Chicago Cubs.  Going to a real Major League baseball game was thrilling for me.  That's when I fell in love.  Maybe with both Tom and baseball, but baseball for sure.

As I work on this post, I have the Cubs on WGN (they are losing).  WGN reminds me of simple times.  Hot dogs and beers (pre-Celiac), no responsibilities (pre-boys), and Ron Santo. It reminds me of Chicago and being newlyweds and buying our first car and our first home and welcoming our first son.  I even went to a ballgame in the bleachers with my girlfriends when I was quite ripe with Sam.

And now,  I have my own Little League Ballplayer to watch and root for and wish Major League dreams upon.  That same little baby that enjoyed the game in my belly and felt the warmth of the sunny Chicago afternoon.

My Affirmation:  Sam will find strength, camaraderie, and strategy in the game of baseball.  Heck, I just want him to have fun.  Play Ball!

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