Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thing A Day: 1

Today, I begin my Thing A Day.

Yes, I'm stretching it tonight.  I usually don't do my "things" until the kids go to bed and the lighting is horrible, so this blog will technically be one day behind, or in arrears if you are in the business.  Funny story, when one of my coworkers said, "they didn't pay yet, because they pay in the rear."  We still laugh.

Moving on....

Firstly, we've played a bunch of games and tomorrow will be the same as we just got notice that the schools (Tom's too!) are closed in preparation for the 'big storm'.

My 'Thing' is not so much playing games with my kids, which is totally a thing, but watching my youngest read.  More clearly, realizing that he can read.  I helped with that.  When I read to him, I ask him to find words and letters.  This is my Thing A Day.  Teaching my youngest to read.

I'm proud that this is the first day.  I'm proud of this little guy.  Finding out that he can read is amazing for him and heartwarming for me.  Big Boy was reading to Little Man in the car today and BB was having LM point out words.  Adorable.  Totally.

And because I adore the funny things my kids say, one of the Card cards on this MAD Magazine game said: Plan Ahead, move to any space on the board.  LM got upset (he was playing by himself at this time), he said,

"I can't do that.  I can't play on my head."

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