Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thing A Day: 9

Pulled out my knitting machine this past weekend.  Last night, I made the first pass in separating the two colors. 

It's much easier to add a new color to an existing knit job, than it is to take one off and start a second one.

The blue is the start to a monster bag for Carla in the Netherlands.  This color is more like a denim, than the blue you see.  The Heathery pink...that is yet to be decided.  I'll just let that one speak for itself.

This is Day 9 and I am realizing that as I am doing things, I never really considered them 'things'.  We all do so much in our day, that making dinner is most definitely a thing.  Taking care of a sick child is a thing.  Reading a story to your child is a thing.  And simply sitting on the couch with your child watching a program that make you both happy is most definitely a thing.

Have any of you done a 'Thing' today?  I'd love to hear in the comments below.


Jill said...

I wanted to wait to see if any "thing" I did would be somewhat interesting. Yesterday I went to my internship, listed our event in the Bee's & some of the buffalo magazines. Then I called some businesses to see if they'd participate in wear purple day.
Today... well, I spent the day in health insurance/pharmacy (Medco + Tops) hell.
I would not want Tom's job.

Carrie G said...

How is the internship? I think that is so totally cool for you. Proud of you, Jill. Let Tom know if you need any assistance in hell. Ha ha.