Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thing A Day: 12

Little Man has the best set of teacher's at his Pre-K.  I know I've never spent this much time on gifts for these ladies than for any other teacher.


Using the same fabric that I use on the blanquilts, I crafted these little heart sachets for each of them.  It was a good exercise, I just might make similar sachets for the shop.  They are filled with the most fragrant lavender.  Very pretty, but not overwhelming of a smell.
Big Boy wanted one for his teacher, Mr. Priset.  Maybe I'll need to rethink a male teacher gift.

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Jill said...

Lucky teachers! Our teachers were lucky if they got a little paper valentine. I was never very good at remembering the whole teacher gift thing. Thankfully, nobody cares or expects anything anymore.