Monday, February 7, 2011

Thing A Day: 7

Meet my Thing 7.

My little man and I spent the day at the hospital.

He has had lots of ear infections, and swollen parts.  His tonsils have been swollen to where you can barely see an opening since September (at least).  He had a scan of his adenoids to reveal they were also swollen.

An entire day at the Women's and Children's Hospital of Buffalo is an eye opening experience.

If I ever have the opportunity or means to support an institution, this would be the place.  The care of the nurses was beyond expectation.

The volunteers were cool, in the play room, walking around the hallways.  We met Bella, a nice little white dog traveling in a stroller.  She and her person matched in red garb.  If she could have, I'm sure her person would have shared her sparkle lipstick with Bella.

Even the staff member that got on the floor in the surgical waiting room to describe the surgical process, only that part that Little Man would be awake for, was amazing.  She looked like a regular person, talked to Little Man in a very intelligent, non-sing-songy way.  And what amazed me the most...she came to check on him after his surgery.  Upstairs in the recovery room.

That could have been a crappy day.  But thanks to the nurses (the doc was great, too) it was a wonderful experience that I will not soon forget and will hold close to my heart when I can share my gratitude.

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