Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thing A Day: 3

Yesterday, Little Man was in charge of snack at Pre-K.  When I chose the day, I didn't realize it was THE day.  Groundhog Day is my husband's favorite holiday.
A simple nut-free snack wasn't going to be sufficient.

Eating Gluten Free was tough, learning to read the labels.  Nut Free is similar, yet you have to dig a little deeper for the "processed in facility with peanuts".  It isn't as obvious as Wheat.  And it should be.  
I got CherryBrook Farms Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free brownie mix and made two batches.  This is a good brownie, I still prefer Pamela's, but this worked just fine.

While the brownies are baking, I got my coconut flakes and chocolate goldfish crackers ready.  The coconut should have been stale.  The fresh pieces were tricky to get into the brownie (note to self for next time).  I broke the fish apart.  Some I used the tails, some I used the front, breaking on the smile worked well.


Once the brownies have cooled enough to touch (5 mins out of oven-ish), scoop a ping pong ball size or slightly smaller wad with your freshly washed hands.  Roll it around, smoosh it, form it, smoosh it again, form it.  Set it on a flat surface to get a flat bottom.  While it's on the surface, stick in the ears.  Move the brownie around the ears to get them in securely.  Pick up your little fellow and jam two pieces of coconut into his mouth.  Set him down to cool.


I originally made my shapes then tried to get the ears and coconut in...doesn't work.  Much too frustrating.

Then I got Nut Free graham crackers and laid them on my serving (aka box lid lined with foil) tray.  I tried a nut free frosting from Cherrybrook....ewww.  Not sure if I had a bad jar, but it was almost translucent.  Grainy.  And much too sweet.  I whipped up a frosting of powdered sugar and milk.  Perfect.

Piped tiny little eyes on each little fellow - make sure you have very stiff icing and a plate with a lip is great for resting the hogs on their backs while the frosting sets.

Repeat with a little pink nose.

With less stiff frosting, pipe a puddle of snow on each half graham cracker.  Have a little person help you place each hog in its hole.


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Jeans and a Sweatshirt- said...

WAAAY too cute! I would have just made plain brownies, but I'm boring.