Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thing A Day: 24

I love this bread.

This is gluten free.  Yes, a brown, nutty, hefty gluten free bread.  And I made it!

With the help of Nuts Online.  A very knowledgeable friend/relative of mine pointed me to this website.  Wow.  If a seed, pod, bean can be ground, they have the flour of it.  I didn't find them to be all that expensive, either.

This is the Hearty Grain Gluten Free Bread Mix and I added some Chia seeds.  I haven't had a bread like this in eight years.  It is so soft, but not crumbly.  There is no resemblance to cardboard in this bread.  It reminds me of some that you might find in the bread basket at a fine restaurant.

Later tonight, when the boys are in bed, I'm going to slice this thin and toast it.  I might even dig out some Nutella for a special treat.

No more white sandwich bread for me.

This is a Thing I can get used to.

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