Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thing A Day: 25 - 26

Yesterday started with lots and lots of snow.

It was pretty on the trees.  Not so pretty on the driveway.

My mother in law traipsed through the 6 inches or so on my driveway to get the boys.  Feeling guilty, I shoveled a path from the door to the street so the boys and mom didn't get all snowy.  Nothing worse than wet socks on a cold day.

After they left, I continued to shovel, knowing Tom would be coming home at some point and need to get into the driveway.  Halfway through, I chatted with my neighbor, brought her into my house for some of this bread.  Then went out and finished the driveway, cleaned off the car, did the sidewalk, told my neighbor not to shovel and make sure he used his snow blower.

Then I came in, feeling energized and ready to work now that the boys were gone.  I sat at my computer and did some work for 10 minutes or so.  Got a little mug of ice cream (our new favorite, small portion way of serving) and continued to work at my desk.

And then the pain came.  Bricks on my chest.  Squeezing of my ribs on the sides.  Pain in my back.  Hard to sit.  Hard to lay.  Hard to stand.  Dizzy.  Sweats.  Chills.

Then I called my mommy.  She could take care of it.  But by the time she got here, I truly believed I was having a heart attack.  The pain was so immense, not subsiding for 45 minutes.  Better safe than sorry.

Twenty hours in the ER.  Blood tests, vitals every hour, EKG's, and a stress test.  My ticker is fine.  The doctor thinks the shoveling mixed with the eating of the ice cream caused my non-cardiac pain.  Feeling slightly silly, yet glad I know for sure that it isn't anything to worry about.

Women and Heart Disease is so prevalent in the news these days, I'm proud to say that so far, I'm just fine.

And the nurses loved me.  I suppose when you tend to see elderly that can't carry on a coherent conversation or the whack-job in restraints two cubes over, then a 39 yr old girl is a breath of fresh air.  And I am.

My Thing for the day, making sure I'm healthy.  And making the nurses smile.

When I got home today, Big Boy was at my Mom's house and so Little Man and I made pom poms.  It is an easy craft for little ones, you really can't mess it up.  We have pom poms all over the house.  It's totally fun.

Hanging with my men today, that's a Thing I can get used to.

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Jill said...

OMG Carrie, I'm so glad you're ok! What a scare! Definitely not silly to get yourself checked... better to be safe than sorry. Get some rest, girl... I know there's no rest in the ER. Thinking of you