Sunday, January 30, 2011

Turtle and Giraffe's Birthday

It can get quite dull in the bitterly cold days of January.

Big Boy told me last week that it was Turtle's birthday on Saturday.  I had not known that.

He was turning one.  Apparently Turtle's age similarly as dogs...Turtle only has a birthday every 4 years.

Coincidentally, it was also Giraffe's birthday.  Giraffe was turning 8.  He does not age like a sea turtle.

We had cake, chosen by the animals (this is Giraffe's big lump of yellow cake), hats, horns, and balloons.

But the best part...presents.

The boys thought and thought about presents and with the help of their very amazing mom, the animals, and our two friends, each got a ....wait for it...

...sleeping bag for the pets.

This was so easy and fun.  I used leftover fleece from the Snuggie project for Christmas and stitched them up, stuffed the pillow with all the random bags of half used Poly-Fil and small pieces of batting.  There is also a loop of elastic at the bottom to roll up the bag and keep it secure on the way to Grandma's house.

So easy and so loved.

TurtleCakes were supposed to be brownies, but we donated that last box of brownie mix around Christmas time and Little Man refused to go to the store for more.  So, he got Organic Chocolate Cayenne Cupcakes.  Or TurtleCakes as I will forever call them.  I enjoyed them, but you have to expect the cayenne before you bite into it.  If you are looking for a sweet chocolate cake...this isn't for you.  It was interesting, though.

I can do a tutorial on the bags if anyone needs it...but very basic, just a long fleece fabric folded and stitched.


Jill said...

Were you inspired by our Cabbage Patch sleeping bags?

Carrie G said...

I remember those, Jill! Do you still have yours?