Thursday, January 27, 2011


I feel like I'm starting to slip.

Another full night with my kids and homework.

Perhaps its the homework.  My eldest can't sit still long enough to focus on the words in front of him.  He gives up and laughs.  Cracks a joke.

Gets up and fiddles around with something. 

Picks up a piece of paper, crumples it up.

Looses his pencil.

I become frustrated.

He doodles a scary monster eating a tree.

I get mad that I can't stay calm for more than 45 minutes of homework.  Yes, it's that long.  Tonight, it was more than an hour. 

My anger and frustration seeps into my son and I can see it crush his confidence.

Homework was never enjoyable for me.  I was so happy when I graduated from college.  I knew I would never go back.

And here I am, almost 40 and sitting at the kitchen table doing homework.


Something needs to change.  Homework right after school will be number one.  No more TV or playtime until the work is done.  I think a change in the food in our house is necessary as well, for all of us.  I'll make the time to go to the grocery store and buy the vegetables and fresh foods.

One step at a time.

Time to get off the slide and climb the stairs.

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