Friday, January 14, 2011

Family on the Couch

Our favorite thing to do lately is to borrow a couple books on CD from the library and pile on the couch in our Snuggies.  This is my original Snuggie.  The boys got some from Grandma and Papa and Tom has the honor of having a 'homemade with love' snuggie.

I wanted to show you something I've been working on, but I don't want to show TOO much, wink wink.  I will say that this yarn is a dream.  Not so much to work with, but to touch and to hold.  If only this yarn came in bigger spools.  It is Silk and Bamboo. 

I have been trying to explain this, sitting here, typing, deleting.  It's so hard to think of a comparison. 

Baby Bottom
Rose Petal
Dove wings

Oh, I've got it!  If feels like the fur of a Samoyed Dog that just won best of show at Westminster.  It's that lovely.


Jill said...

Wow, that sounds wonderful!

Funny you should mention the snuggies, Haley's boyfriend's parents just gave her a pink one today.

Carrie G said...

we LOVE our snuggies! They do a magical thing for the boys...somehow the snuggies tend to quiet their actively loud mouths!

Jill said...

Did I just slaughter the apostrophes in that comment?
Did the word apostrophe need an apostrophe?
Usually I can handle this stuff.