Monday, January 24, 2011

Back on the Horse...ONE Down!

This is what got my double pointed needles clicking this weekend.  I ended up ripping most of it out to fix a little mixed up stitch.  I hate being a perfectionist sometimes.

I can't show you the real finished product as it's a gift, for someone extremely special to me...

Working hard on the Silk Bamboo project, also ripped that out a gazillion times, but I think I'm in the homestretch and almost done with stage 1 of a three stage project.

Am I being too candid?  That really bugs me when blogs tease me with their projects. Sorry.

Loving this adorable heart, thinking a trip to the Dollar Store and Joann's is in my future.  Check it out here!

Stay warm, my friends. 

We are conserving energy by keeping the house at 65 and our groceries in the garage!  AKA:  My husband likes a cold house and our fridge is still on the fritz!


Chris said...
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Anonymous said...

I posted a previous comment but left the wrong ID-->oops! Thank you so much for your feature on my felt heart :) ~Christina

Jill said...

Beautiful, Carrie! Lovely colors, and congrats on finishing it!
That heart looks like a fun project, too.
The virus rescue disk is all ready for you. What's your schedule like this week?
Love ya~

Carrie G said...

Christina...I just love this heart! So cute, all your wreaths are great. I'm thinking on the twine one.

Jill - thanks (I can show you the finished product sometime). I'm around all week, maybe I'll throw the kids in the car tomorrow night and pick up the disc? Will someone be home around 5:30-6? Or meet for coffee?