Friday, January 21, 2011

Back on the Horse

I picked up the knitting needles again.  
Admittedly, I needed a couple YouTube tutorials to refresh my memory.

I do however, remember why I prefer crochet. I get so nervous that I'll mess up or the needles will fall out and I'll have no idea how to fix it.  I already have two mistakes on this 3 inch thing.  

Scored another great yarn.  This one is Organic soft.

As much as I'm enjoying this...I have so many things partially done.  

This pic above.

The little dream in silk bamboo.

A gift for a baby born last year.

PJ pants for my boys, fabric washed and ready since October.

Owl Purse, just needs the zipper.

Another purse base, just waiting for a strap and a ______.

Large work in progress that I started on my last plane trip.

Another white hat on knitting needles (may rip that one out, too tight and tiny).

Eight items in progress.

and yet I still spend my time on the computer.

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