Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Year, New Results

I'm not very fond of the Pinewood Derby.  I think it is more of a 'Dad' event.  That said, this year, Big Boy's den worked on their cars together.  I loved that.  Big Boy and I sanded his car and watched his friends design, cut and sand their cars.  This was the beginning of my change of heart.

Little Man and I arrived late to the Derby due to some preparations for the Stuffy Birthday Party (more on that tomorrow).  The mood was immediately different than the previous year.  There seemed to be less people and more cheering.  The boys were paying just as much attention as their parents.  Yes, you could tell which cars were done mostly by Dad, but it didn't seem so blatant this year.  The Dad's weren't louder than the scouts.

It was refreshing.

Even more refreshing, the results.

BB's car was winning.  He came in first in several heats.

 Big Boy's Car is the purple one, second from left

The difference from last year to this year...the wheels.

Tom showed BB how he was going to sand down the nubs on the nails that act as the axles.  The nubs are small, but nonetheless, obvious.  BB did all his designing, sanding, and painting.  The wheels are the key.

I was very proud of BB.  He showed great sportsmanship.

Gratefully accepted his trophy, didn't gloat or jump around.  All the boys were very gracious, all of them surprised at the outcome.

Then he patiently waited in line to pick up his car and his 'participants' trophy (all scouts get one).

And then, in true sportsmanship, he gave his little brother the 'participants' trophy.



Jill said...

Oh, that's such a sweet story, Carrie. I'm so glad Sam had a better time, & that was so sweet of him to give the other trophy to Oscar. I know what you mean about it being a dad thing.
We saw a pinewood derby going on at the eastern hills mall yesterday. I knew Sam's derby was yesterday, so I was looking for you guys.
I hope you're feeling a little better. This day after day of clouds, snow, & early dark really can bring you down. I'm a huge geek for Eddie Vedder, & one of his songs has a line, "No matter how cold the winter, there's a springtime ahead..."
Love to you all

Carrie G said...

Thanks, Jill. Definitely feeling better. Not sure how I got down or how I got up. Either way, there is springtime ahead. And thanks to P. Phil, we should have an early spring (yeah, right!).