Thursday, January 20, 2011

A List

When I dream of the future, I think of things I could do.  I'm sure we all have lists like this.  The "if I had the time" type lists.  They really aren't items that cost all that much, other than paint, but heavy on time.  The most precious cost.

1.  I so very much want to paint our existing chandelier in the dining room.  I'm thinking of taking it to black.  Changing out the gold findings with silver, maybe adding back the rest of the crystals.

2.  Sand and paint our kitchen table, find some chairs to mix and match and paint them, also.

3.  Paint the trim in the living room and family room (it is still boy's locker room blue).

4.  Heck, let's paint the rest of the house:  front hall, kitchen, stairwell, master bedroom.

5.  Volunteer at the kids' school and our church.

6.  Go to every single rummage sale in town, and out of town.

7. Clean out my closet and the upstairs hall closet.

8.  Move the air hockey table out of my studio and make my studio more efficient.

9.  Add molding to my dining room wall to create a couple panels on the wall.

10.  Be the perfect, always present Mom and Wife.

Okay, let's be honest.  I'll never get 10 done, but I can try.

Do you have a list?  What is your number one?

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