Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10/366: Hearty Giveaway

Remember this? 

You can find the tutorial right here.  But, if you like this and don't want to get all Martha...I have one to give away.  Just leave a comment here (or on the Facebook post) and tell me your favorite Valentines Day gift to give, or that you have received or wish to receive.

I'll pick a name at random via my Random Number Generator Picker Name Out of Bag Boy.  I'll close comments on Saturday evening.  And ship this out to the lucky winner.


  1. Does a Valentine's Day gift have to come on Valentine's Day?! The best gift of love I have received is the gift of letters received from my adult sons. Yup, three individual letters expressing their love and gratitude for a special birthday. Truly felt like Valentine's Day to me!

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  3. Jill...you are funny. I would love to see a picture of your finished project! V's and all!