Thursday, January 12, 2012

12/366: Leaving On a Jet Plane

Away from the office.
Away from my boys.
Away from this city.
Just for a little while.

I wish they were coming along.

Maybe next time.


You still have a couple days to include your comment for a chance to win a felt heart! See this post to enter.


Jill said...

I'm making one, Carrie! Or at least I'm cutting out piles and piles of circles. How big is your heart? (aww, we all know you have a HUGE heart!) Do you really need all that felt? It seems excessive. Also, how heavy is it? I'm going to use cardboard, too, but was wondering how strong it needs to be.

Carrie G said...

Great, Jill! I used an old box for the backing of the heart. Mine is probably 15 inches or so across.

It wasn't too heavy, even with all that felt! I also added a full piece of felt to cover the back of the cardboard.