Monday, January 2, 2012


On the road home from Macomb, MI, working with a wool sock yarn. I rarely ever use a variegated yarn, but saw this sock yarn for 50% off and tossed it in my basket.

I wanted to make socks for a new little girl that will grace our good friends in a couple months.

I researched, envisioned and dreamed of the most adorable little tootsie covers. I wanted socks, not booties.

Fighting the norm.

When will I ever learn?

I may just have learned my lesson this weekend.

1st attempt: Hooked through both loops of cuff instead to back loop. Rip out.

2nd Attempt: Tried to follow directions with 44 stitches off the cuff of sock. Too many, rip out.

3rd Attempt: Adjust spacing off the cuff to two stitches per row for about 32 stitches (minus 12 from pattern instructions). Continue with three inches of single crochet, not liking how blousey the single crochet looked coming off the cuff. Rippit.

4th Attempt: Crochet two together to attempt to decrease the blousiness of the sock. Dislike, but continue to heel. Stuck. Can't follow darn pattern for nothing. Get hit in head with rubber ball from back seat. Ripppppiiitt.

5th Attempt: Dislike this project, yet trying to salvage something. Double crochet off cuff to make leggings! No heels in leggings! Stupid, looks wrong, unwearable. Frog it.

6th Attempt: New pattern, new day.

My lesson: Sometimes following a pattern doesn't work, and sometimes it does. And sometimes winging it works and sometimes it doesn't. It makes no difference if I wing it or follow a pattern, the odds are even.

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Jeans and a Sweatshirt- said...

OMG! That's a first! And hey, atleast you can do both...follow a attern and make one up.