Monday, January 30, 2012

30/366: New Life

A very good friend of mine decided after she had made 21 blanket squares that she had enough of crocheting and it wasn't for her.

Along with all her needles, hooks and yarn, came those little squares.  In pink, white and yellow, they didn't have much use in a home with two boys.

Two weeks ago, I was "hanging out" in the basement with my son and started organizing some things in my studio.  I came across the squares and decided to finish this blanket for my friend, who just happens to be pregnant with a girl.

I had planned on making a bunch more squares when I realized...blech, I don't like making these squares.  So, I changed it up a bit and made the squares bigger with two rounds of double crochet.  I stitched them all together and added a pale pink scalloped edge.  It's smaller than a bath towel and I think it's the perfect size for everything! 
But, the best part of giving and receiving a handmade blanket, was that two friends worked on it together.

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