Thursday, January 26, 2012

26/366: Nutella Cookie Adaptation

I can't necessarily claim this one as my own, but I will say, I made a lack luster product shine!

Wegmans, our amazing grocery store in the Northeastern USA, carries a ton of Gluten Free products and recently tripled their offerings. 

One item that caught my attention was frozen sugar cookie dough.  It was expensive...but the convenience!  Each week when I go shopping, I try to find one new item and give it a shot.  This was the cookie dough week.  The dough is made by Gillians, here is a stock photo:

The can I bought was the same size, the colors were less green and more yellows and pinks.  The next day, I cracked open the container and decided to make a single batch.

Oh.  Blech.

One more.

Eh.  It was very "gluten free tasting".  That bland, crumbly, blah.  That said, I still ate them on those occasions you just need a little cookie.  Then my cookie met Nutella.  They were so dry, I dipped the last two into Nutella.

Hello Cookie!

Can you guess what I did next???

My cookie met Nutella BEFORE it hung out in the oven.  With absolutely no measuring, I added one part Nutella to 3 parts cookie dough...very mathematical people.  Mixed it up in my hands and formed balls.

I lightly pressed them flat and stuck them in the oven.  Once they came out, I sprinkled a bit of sugar on top.

That is a pleasant cookie.  It isn't the best I've made, but it's a cookie.  With Nutella...need I say more?

And, they are pretty to look at.

The remaining 4 dough balls were rolled in sugar and not pressed flat...not so good. 

But I still ate them.

All of them.

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