Tuesday, July 31, 2012

214/366: Boys are Fickle

On our last road trip, I purchased some drawing books for the boys. Little Man got How To Animals and Big Boy got How to Monsters Robots & Action Fighters.

BB cried. He wanted animals too. I knew this would happen when I was standing at Barnes & Noble. I stood there contemplating for 20 minutes. If I got two animal books, one would be better than the other and they would complain. Obviously I like HIM better than the other, or some other false logic they would come up with. So I decided to go with opposites. At least they wouldn't fight over how many different types of turtles were in each book.

And then, last night happened.

"Mom, you were right. Even though I really love animals, this is cool. I can use my imagination better with this book."

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