Sunday, July 15, 2012

198/366: Sink, Float and Fireworks

Little Man requested a bath last night. It was so hot in our non air conditioned home, that I could have added ice cubes and they'd melt in seconds.

Instead, he decided to dump his Lego figures in and see if they would float or sink. We learned that the pants float, but the heads sink.

With his newly diagnosed epilepsy, I sat on my bed (in front of the fan) and watched him play.

Then it happened.

He requested a Katy Perry song. Of course I went immediately to iTunes.


And I played it. Then louder. Then on repeat.

Over and over and over.

Both boys requested it again this evening. You see, we spent some time at Dave & Busters and walked out with a disco ball and two fiber optic light thingies.

We now have a party room. Complete with lights, Mario Kart and Katy Perry.

It's only a $2 cover on Monday nights.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful moments they will pass on to theirs

Carrie G said...

Thanks! :)