Thursday, July 12, 2012

195/366: Wolverine Claws

Last week, Little Man and I made a recipe from the back of his activity book.  He was adamant on us purchasing all the ingredients and making these as soon as possible.

We only need the biscuits, so you may very likely have all the ingredients already.

The recipe...simple (that's what I like).

Melt your butter in a dish big enough to drop the biscuit in, same with the cinnamon and sugar mix.

Start by dipping in the butter, then into the sugar mix.  A helper is important here, they make it more fun.

Our butter was still hot from the melting, so we used a spoon.  I would recommend this, it makes it less messy once you get into the sugar stage.
I then took a pair of kitchen scissors and cut two 'claws' into the biscuit and pinched the back end a bit to try to make them appear more claw like and less paw like.  I used my oldest, blackest cookie sheet for this, knowing we would have burned sugar all over the place.

They smelled delicious...not gluten free, but the smell won't hurt my belly.  Like I said, much more paw like, in fact, they don't resemble Wolverine Claws at all. 

And their taste...the Little Man said, "MMMMmmmmmm".  He stated, "These are so good, I'm going to eat them all."

He was doing pretty good, until claw four stalled him, but he tried!

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geri said...

Hi Carrie, thanks for blogging about this. My son wanted this for his school snack (he has that book too) and I wanted to know what the claw actually looked like. This is very helpful!