Monday, July 30, 2012

213/366: A Monday Like No Other

For those that are friends on Facebook, I promise I won't gloat about my new Monday regimen. 

But today, today is all mine.  The boys are at camp and I am not required to do a thing.

I was going to do a couple leases for project work, but the program isn't working.  (Darn, kind of, not really).  I didn't want to step away for too long and not be able to motivate myself to work again.

So, in light of my open time frame I could:

1.  Crochet - work on Big Boy's blanket that I started when it was cold outside.
2.  Clean my studio.
3.  Photograph new items for WashMyBooty shop.
4.  Clean off the bar in our living room to make way for the fish tank (that is still in it's box(es) sitting in my living room, dining room AND family room.
5.  Nothing, aka Browse Pinterest.

If I want to do #3, I probably have to do #2 to get to #3 items.

If I want to do #3, I should do number #4 since one part is in my 'natural light' for taking photos.

Maybe #1.

That's the simplest.  I don't want to overwhelm on the first day, right?

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