Sunday, July 29, 2012

212/366: Zoo Party

Today, at 9:24 am...I started a cake.
Mostly, because that's how I roll.  Pressure is best for me.  You see, the party was today.  At 2:00 pm

No problem, plenty of time.  I was only making a normal sea turtle cake...

I used Pound Cake, the best for cutting, shaping and keeping good edges.  I made a 9x13, 2 rounds and one loaf sized cakes.   The 9x13 and one round became the body and shell, the other round was shaped into front fins.  The back fins came from the section I cut from the 9x13.  And the head was shaped from half of the loaf cake.

The shell was white chocolate with a couple milk chocolate pieces melted (added green food coloring for the top part of the shell) and cooled on parchment paper.  I poured a thin layer and when it was set, but not hard, I cut it in the shell shapes with a pizza cutter.  I liked how that chocolate worked out. I tried one batch of chocolate over an overturned bowl to create a shell shape, but I couldn't cut it up like I did with the green, so had to chuck that batch.

For a 'last minute' cake, it was pretty good. 

Continuing with the turtle theme, we celebrate Little Man's 6th birthday at the Buffalo Zoo with Timmy the Turtle:

and Peanuts the Parrot:

It was a good day.

With a very happy boy!

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