Wednesday, July 11, 2012

194/366: My Trooper

This boy amazes me.

Every day.

We awoke at 4:00am so that he would be sleepy for today's test at 10:30am.

He woke up without a complaint. He got dressed without a grumble. Ate his pancakes without me having to cut them.

And he remained still for his MRI. He kept his eyes opened when prompted during the EEG.

You see, I had noticed some blank staring on his part in the past several months. It had increased in frequency and when my mother-in-law noticed it, I decided it was too important to wait until the end of August for their annual checkups to ask about. Friday he and I went to the pediatrician and she confirmed my symptoms with what I believed to be "Absence Seizures".

On his birthday, we met with the pediatric neurologist. He also agreed with the diagnosis and ordered the two tests to confirm the cause of the seizures.

Today, he is my trooper. I didn't think he would be any less.

Saturday, we will meet with the neurologist and look at all the pictures and graphs from Little Man's head.

Fingers crossed for positive results.

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Mary said...

What a trooper indeed!