Wednesday, August 1, 2012

215/366: Hungry Frog

Let's talk about my pond, k?

If you don't want to talk pond, then I hope you visit tomorrow, when I talk about food.  Gluten Free food.

On to the pond.

I am totally transfixed by this pond.  Ever since I got the UV filter, it has been a renewed joy to just stare into the pond and watch the fish.  Especially watching the babies...yes, we once again have baby fish.  This time two, perhaps three. 

From my kitchen window, I can see and hear the pond.  I noticed Mr. Frog was spurting water, not spitting. 

I assumed it was a filter issue and it was getting clogged up.  When I approached, I became uneasy.  What the _____?
It was so disturbing, I went in and got the camera and a paper towel.  Slug, in the mouth?  How did it get in there?  Did it get sucked into the filter when I was cleaning the sponge part?  Then through the tubes and it's now stuck?  Gross.

I got my towel ready, I was all shaky from disgust.

Do you remember when this frog jumped out at me?  He's up to no good.  Ever. 

Especially today, this was not a slug.  Just dead stems from my water plants.  I scare easily.

The frog is definitely on to me.

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