Saturday, August 4, 2012

218/366: Coffee Break

As I was waiting in the car line for my Friday morning coffee treat, I kept looking at these grasses.  They so gently glided in the heat, almost lulling me away from the everyday business and allowing me a moment to settle my senses.

Usually, while waiting in a drive-thru, you see garbage, stone, concrete.  Up here in these parts, we have Tim Horton's coffee.  This is my favorite location to wait in, it's almost a forest path.  To the right of this lane is pine trees and woodlands.  It's a nice respite.

We are in the midst of some very high temps.  Again, no rain in as long as I can remember.  My dad and I were talking last night and his read the paper with a cup of coffee on the porch while it rains.  He didn't want money, or a day off, or world peace.  Just rain.  That's a gardener for you, and I feel the same way.

I hope that soon, we will get that rain.  The entire country could use a week of rain. 

Stay cool!

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