Thursday, August 30, 2012

243/366: Lake Eaton-Part 2

My Little Man found a secluded reading spot

Our second day camping was spent on a quick trip to Buttermilk Falls.  As we were approaching, my eldest nephew said, "I haven't been in it, but just looking at this place, I give it a 10 for awesome!"

 It was beautiful, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.  It was treacherous.  The rocks below were very slippery.  It was hard to navigate through.  The water was really cold.  We made the best of it, finding some sandy spots down stream that were enjoyable.

 We also ventured above.  There were great places to sit and have the rush of the water massage ones back.  We enjoyed that, until, my sister in law proclaimed, "LEECHES!"  The scene from Stand By Me invaded my thoughts as I checked my Little Man and we cleaned these off each other.  I must say they were not the size of the movie leeches.  These were small, cute, baby leeches.  Right?  Leeches can be cute.

Um, no.  They were disgusting.  And they were all over.  And so was Buttermilk Falls.

The final night, we had Meat Fest.  These flank steaks had been marinating in a Cilantro Lime sauce for a full week before they saw the heat of the grill.  My brother in law said, "Once you think you have eaten enough, go back and have seconds.  And then after your seconds, have more."  I obliged.

Tomorrow I'll show you Stone Bridge and Caves and prep you for Pintember!  Yes, Pintember starts on Saturday.

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