Monday, June 25, 2012

174/366: Parenting

Two weeks ago, Little Man had a Sing-Along and Author's Tea in his Kindergarten class.  I'm so proud of how he has developed through Kindergarten.  He even researched and created a PowerPoint presentation on Sea Turtles, complete with migrating (moving) photos.

The Big Boy had a stellar year as well.  With an excellent teacher, BB was encouraged to work hard, read every night and try.  Just try.

He did try and that's all we really wanted, when he tried, he learned.  We have lots of math memorization to work through this summer, but we are so proud of how he has matured and developed strong friendships and has begun to accept reason.  He rolls his eyes when his father does something silly, he shrugs when his brother doesn't get his way and he tells me he loves me at night.

For this child, speaking feelings was never part of his daily life.  He has been very closed off and frustrated.  Love was the first step, next up, working through the frustrations.

The other night, Big Boy asked me to lay with him in bed and share my deepest darkest secrets.  I got a little scared, thinking of those deepest darkest secrets and decided making something up might be best in this situation.  I told him my fear of drowning.  I was so delighted and nervous for his fears and secrets and thought about how I'm being an excellent parent.  I'm talking one on one with my kid.  Patting myself on the back, I asked BB what his secret was. 

You ready?

"My deepest, darkest secret is...are you sure you are ready, Mom?  My darkest secret is... favorite color is Red."

Yes, I am an excellent parent.

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