Sunday, June 24, 2012

173/366: Wad of Flowers

Coreopsis, Tickweed.

What a delightful flower on a dainty stem.

I've spoken about my neighbor lady, the German speaking gal that lives two door down.

Have I told you all the amazing things she gives us?  Like the year Tom came home from Trick or Treating with Sam and brought a silver plated serving dish?  Or when the boys drew her pictures?

She is so grateful for the thought.  We could probably bring her an empty box and she'd tear up.  But the most exasperating part...she always reciprocates.  Always.  And it's usually tenfold.

Today, as a break from sports day, I cut some daisies and some other flowers in my yard and took them over to her.  All bunched together in order of cutting, nothing arranged, nothing trimmed to correct height.  A wad of flowers.

I tried to get out.  I tried to walk back gallantly with nothing in hand. 

Alas...Swedish fish walked back with me.

I'll get you one of these times A.S.!

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