Friday, June 22, 2012

170/366: Listening

This week has been hectic, to say the least.  But the hurry up and do nothing kind of hectic.  I've been rushing around trying to pack in a full days work in a not so full days time.  Working at night, before the kids get on the bus...just to make it all work.

Then I rush around trying to get a bag packed for the pool.  We stay through dinner, so we get awfully hungry.  Then, come home at 7 when the pool closes to eat a light dinner.  I like it, except that the kids then think it's only six pm when it is really nine pm...which makes bedtimes linger.

But in this rush and wait scenario, I sit by the pool, or am in the pool with the boys and we talk.  About their important things.  So and so isn't my friend because of this; My teacher scolded me for something I didn't do; Look how long I can hold my breath underwater;  Want to watch me do the best cannonball ever?

These words that seem so simple and repetitive are the most important words in their world at this age.  I need to remember that this is the big stuff for them.

And I want to be there for the really big stuff.

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