Saturday, June 2, 2012

151/366: Pattern Making

There is a type of crochet called "filet".

It works in a series of solid and open blocks. It is a flat piece with no dimension to it.

I have been thinking of a curtain for a long window I have by our front door. I've looked at fabric, thought of weaving a piece and lately was inspired to bring weaving and crochet together.

Last night, I pulled out my weaving pattern book and some graph paper and started coloring in blocks. I remember doing this as a young girl, loved drawing and making patterns on graph paper or drawing wild scribbles and filling in all the spaces with different colored pencils.

I had fun trying to replicate old weaving patterns into filet crochet. Since weaving is mainly over under or black and white, it wasn't a huge stretch to convert. Some worked better than others. Then, after deciding on a pattern, I moved to the computer, Excel, specifically. I made my worksheet cells to be small squares and started filling them in.

Today, I may pick up some thread and see how I need to adjust my pattern to fit my window.

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