Wednesday, June 13, 2012

162/366: Detroit Zoo

 This past weekend, I took the Littles to visit our friends in Michigan.  The Customs guy leaving Canada into Michigan asked me how I knew someone in Michigan if I lived in New York.  Strange question.  Maybe he was trying to trip me up?  I mean, a mom in a car with two boys...very suspicious!

 Moving on...we visited the Detroit Zoo on Saturday.  This was the coolest (not temperature) part of the zoo.  The kids pretend they are a prairie dog and go up into a tunnel.  The Prairie Dogs are right there.  This one next to Little Man never moved.

 Big Boy was able to get into that tunnel and check him out, too.  Super cool.  If it wasn't so hot and I wasn't so irritable, I may have tried myself.

They also have a great Giraffe exhibit.  The Egyptian backdrop was cool since Big Boy studied Egypt in school this year.  More importantly, you can see the giraffes.  You can get closer than we are in this picture, and even sign up (and pay) to feed them on the deck where the giraffe is next too.  The giraffe's exhibit at the Buffalo Zoo is so frustrating as the giraffes are so far back and never seem to be close enough to see.

It was a great zoo.  They even had an Australian Outback exhibit where the kangaroos roam freely.  They were relaxing in the shade under the trees, so we didn't experience much movement from them.

I would definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area.

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