Monday, June 18, 2012

167/366: Hot Flowers

It's so hot and muggy.

Even the flowers agree.

Usually the daises can withstand the heat. 

Not so much today.

This is day two of the daylillies.

And I'm also appreciating my newest plant of the season, the clematis.

The flower is a richer purple and the inner stripe is close to the color of our house.  I'll need to play around with the camera to get the color just right.

How is your garden?


Jill said...

Our clematis is blooming now, too, & it has a ton of flowers. Chris & I have 2 not so nice nicknames for it, since we could never remember the name. I should get a picture, it's looking really pretty now.
Our yuccas bloomed! They're so beautiful & cool. Do we cut that stalk?
We got probably 10 big yellow flowers on our cactus this year, & it's pushing out tons of nodes.
We finally got flowers on our hyacinth /hydrangeas. I'm pretty sure it's a hydrangea. Big white flowers ...?
No daylillies yet, but I remember ours coming in later than yours last year. The hibiscus plants are getting really tall, but they bloom later in the summer. We have hobgoblins, and I can't believe how many flowers we got. Oodles. They're almost starting to crowd out other things. They're super pretty, though.
We've had 2 roses so far (they're tiny & orange), cannas are planted, veggies planted (cuc, zuc, peppers, & tomato), & our chard from last year came back. Strawberries are coming in, much to the delight of the dog, & our blackberry bush has berries, but I don't know if we can eat them yet.
More than you wanted to know?

Carrie G said...

That is EXACTLY what I wanted to know!