Sunday, June 3, 2012

152/366: Mango Tango

This evening, Big Boy and I went to watch my niece perform in her dance recital.

It was great, brought back lots of memories, and made more, being the Aunt in the crowd was fun. My brother-in-law took part in the fun as a part of the Fathers dance. Nothing like seeing hairy legs sticking out of raincoats and dancing to "It's Raining Men".

Our drive was adventurous as well. After missing a turn and adding 20 minutes to our route, it started pouring. The "put-your-flashers-on" rain that is difficult to navigate going a mere 10 mph.

We arrived 13 minutes after curtain, and our tickets had been sold 3 minutes prior to our arrival. I bought the final remaining ticket that a man had returned, and BB and I sat on the stairs. Quite comfortable, actually. We could stretch out and move around a bit.

On our way home, the rain began again. Driving along the lake is so beautiful at sunset. This evening was spectacular. The low clouds broke for the sun. The sun illuminated the clouds which reflected on the wet pavement. It was a color that was almost indescribable.

Until Big Boy piped in, it's Mango.

Mango Tango.

Yes, BB, Mango Tango.


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