Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sick Goal

We are finally out of the 'flat on the couch no talking head throbbing sweating shivering sickness' and into the 'moving around coughing gagging headache sickness'. In other words, getting better. Sad to say that my favorite pair of flannel monkey pj's have become thread worn in some very important places. I have to retire the pants, and that makes me very sad.

What also makes me sad is the lack of sales. It has been 49 days since I have had a sale from Etsy. I did one custom order for a friend in January, so it isn't completely dried up. It is hard to keep creating when there isn't really any response.

And speaking of no response, I am feeling less desire to write this blog. Although I love it, I feel guilty if I don't add a new post every couple days. I don't want to disappoint a reader that comes for something new and finds the same old post. Yet, I rarely get comments, so maybe no one would mind if I stop or slow down my posts. But then, I feel like a failure, I want to succeed. I want to be good at this stuff and I want people to enjoy my blog whether it is to learn a little trick, crack a smile, ask a question or to lose themselves for just a minute or two.

(interesting turn of events, I was going to write about ghosts in this post!)

This can only mean that it is time for a goal. I encourage others to set goals, now it is my turn. My new goal.


A goal.

uh....tch tch tch.

Okay. My Goal. Going to make this simple.

Start a new blanquilt. I have so many scraps leftover from the first three, probably 8 pounds worth. I think I'll just start cutting them into squares, strips and rectangles and see what happens.

That's good. Since no one seems to be buying purses...we'll try something new.

A date. Since my life doesn't allow for a ton of 'me' time, I'll say that by April first, I'll have something to show you. Even if it is a pile of pieces or a small section, you will see my progress.

Stay tuned: Blanquilt photo on April 1st

Perhaps you would like to join me in setting a goal.

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Anonymous said...

I am reading!!!! Keep up the great blogging! My goal should be to keep up on my own blog. It is really hard!! I think I just enjoy reading other blogs too much and never get around to adding to mine. Love the weavergirl!!