Friday, February 13, 2009


I had planned on telling you about my amazing GF bread.

Or I was going to write about our great German neighbor that is very kind, and very hard to understand.

I could tell you about the beautiful flowers my husband got for me today because he thought today was Valentine's day.

But, things just aren't working right these days. We are the next town over from where the plane crashed last night. My eyes and brain are glazed over with all the news coverage I have been absorbing.

So far, we don't know anyone that was on the flight, but there are still about 24 names yet to be released. I wish they would just post the entire list so that we would know. And I feel out of sorts about being so distraught about this crash since I don't live in that town and I don't have a loved one on the flight or in that house or neighborhood.

Time works. I am going to give it some time.

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