Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ghost Phost

I think I watch too many ghost shows. Ghost Hunters on the SciFi Channel and Psychic Kids on A&E, being my favorites. LifeTime has Lisa Williams.

Ghost Hunters has always been our favorite, a time for Tom and I to both enjoy a show together. Either our tastes are changing, or we both have major remote control controlling issues. Tom will often walk around the house asking out loud "Is there anyone here that would like to speak with us".

Someone in this house (aka Tom) tends to leave the medicine cabinet doors and the front hall closet doors open. I feel like I close each at least twice per day, perhaps an exaggeration, but it is now blamed on "the ghosts". We pretend that we have ghosts in this house, but sometimes I actually believe it.

My father in law died when I was four months pregnant with our first son. I love Don. He was such a good hearted person, but didn't take any crap. He kept the family together and gossiped all the while. He always had gossip. In fact, I think he gossipped more than an adolescent girl on prom night. And this is why I think he is around. Always looking for a story, he wants to know what we are up to.

When Tom and Sam and I moved back to Buffalo from Chicago, things were difficult. We were spending a lot of time together, we lived with Tom's mom, we were trying to buy a house, get settled and Tom was looking for a job. I was having real doubts whether or not we could afford to live. It was around this time that I had THE dream. This dream was 50% dream and 50% real life. I could feel the dream. I can still feel the dream.

I was pushing Sam around in the stroller and feeling frustrated and in tears. I felt Don's hands on my shoulders. It wasn't just a hand, it was the energy coming from that hand, the way the fingers pressed harder in places and the slight squeeze of the right hand. I can see his thumbs and how short his fingernails were. He told me, "It will be okay". I know that sounds general, but I knew exactly what part of IT would be okay. This dream has stuck with me for six years now and I can see it and feel it as vividly today as I did back then. And as proof of the tissue in my hand as I type, it still carries the power of the message through my days.

Our cousin, Don being her uncle, has had psychic readings where Don comes out to chat, gossip, joke around. He is definitely the type of person to come through.

It is with all this that I believe in ghosts. Not the white sheet kind, and perhaps not a FBA (full body apparition), but a sense that someone is there, someone is watching, someone is enjoying my kids just as much as I am.

On Lifetime, Lisa, that chick with the white and red hair, once said, "if you are thinking about someone that has passed on, then they too are thinking of you."

I truly believe that when I think of Don, he is with me.

Although it kind of freaks me out when that happens and I am on the toilet.

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Jill said...

Just wanted to let you know that this post really touched me. The loss of Karl is still really raw, & the pain comes out when you least expect it. Aidan especially has been having a rough time lately. Like you, I hope that somehow the people we loved are looking out for us or watching over us (but not -ALL- the time);o) Thanks for posting this. I'm definitely still reading!
(I tried to post this yesterday, but it ate my post)