Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kiddie Bling

As I mentioned in this post, the Poncherello needed a little something. At Tom's suggestion, I made a strawberry. It took a really long time. The seeds weren't right so I did those a couple times over. Then, what little two year old would be happy with just one option? A monogram and a flower were added to the batch. I am sure someone has already discovered my idea, but by attaching these to barrettes, they can be changed on the poncho or the more obvious, used separately in her hair. Four little wraps around the barrette are enough to hold it securely.
I guess it is a good thing that I don't have a girl of my own, I would never get anything else done!
Have a happy Saturday.
The next post will be of a new sculptured purse I am working on, it is pretty wild.

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Kelly Drill said...

Ooooo, so cute! Love it.