Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Little Bit of Sunshine

Buffalo gets a bad rap.

Snow, snow, snow.

Yes, we get our share of snow but it rarely causes any damage. We don't have to worry about terrible rains and flooding or mega winds that beckon a terrible rendition of "Oklahoma".

The difficult part of Buffalo is January. A Buffalonian can go an entire month and never see the sun, as it seemed this past January. And it wasn't until I started writing this that I realized January is over. January and February are depression inducing months in these parts. People hibernate, lovers quarrel at simple things, the gray gloominess outside can seep into ones body and mind like a virus. It is these months that I often wonder if I would benefit from some meds. Our economy and my empty pockets don't help with the entertaining of the wee little ones.

So, instead of 11 degrees or lower, we got up to high 30's, maybe even hit the 40 degree mark. But that 20 degrees is huge and very welcomed around these parts. We all went out for a little shoveling, building, falling, crying, laughing, creating, and photo taking. Ahhh, the power of the sun.

Welcome February! Oh, how sunny are thee. Forty and sunny, almost planting season.

But not too sunny, tomorrow is Groundhog Day and we don't want that little furball to see his shadow (or did I get that backwards again?)

See that carrot nose? I whipped that up two years ago for a snowman that was created while baby carrots were in our fridge. It was a triangle of orange, sewed up the long side and stuffed with whatever is around. I then did a couple rings (what are those little indents on the carrot called?) of thread to show the indents on the carrot and sewed up the end after inserting a long hook screw thing from some old project. It is the perfect touch for a house without edible carrots. It also is easy to insert, just remember to place in at an angle so that when 'Ned' melts, his nose doesn't droop.

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