Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It's Birthday time again! Knowing I have an extra-credit project at work taking up my evenings, I had every intention of getting a handful of books for this sweet little two year old. The sound of the cash register dinging and adding and asking for all that cash was a little daunting and 'panic attack' like. Ever since the December show, I've been feeling that way and it is starting to scare me a bit. I can always justify and control myself out of it. I need to follow Polka Dot Cottage's lead and re-think my schedule.
Back to the little girlie. I was out with Gretchen and after talking about how much she spent on books for the same little girl, I jumped to 'I'll make...' A poncho was the first thought and I knew it couldn't be pink (I don't do pink very well). Green was the obvious next choice for me. I am gravitating to greens and blues lately. This is the Martha's Coming Home pattern from Lion Brand's website (I won't divulge the pattern name to the mother!). This is one of the fastest projects ever! I got the yarn on Saturday, finished it Sunday night. The trim on the pattern is strange, as others have commented. I tried it, thinking I could figure it out, but the second round was frustrating. I did a simple shell and it looks adorable, at least I think so. I might need a little something...flower? bumble bee? strawberry (thanks tom)?

Either way, I am sure Poncherello and John would approve.
Well, not really, they wouldn't give a rat's ass, but it is a nice title, right?

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Brooke said...

So cute! You're one talented gal! :)