Sunday, February 15, 2009

Moving On...

A long, long time ago, I was tagged by a gal with the above award. The deal is to include six blogs that deserve this type of award as well as six things that I love.

We all know I don't follow rules very well, but lets see how this goes first try, no edits (well, limited edits).

Cary at Big Grey Birds gave me this award. At the time, we read each other's blogs and tooled around on Twitter a bit. I have come to truly enjoy her blog. You never know what you are going to get. There are some blogs that I expect a baby picture or a nature picture and a note of what I should try to make or be or contribute to. But not Cary. She is always keeping me guessing. I just clicked on her blog today to find this post. If you have the time, read a bit of it. And I know they say, 'no backs', but tough, I am tagging Big Grey Birds as my first favorite blog.

Six things that make me happy (or piss me off):

1. When people use a K in place of a C. It isn't cute. In fact it makes me cringe. While I was researching day care facilities for Sam, I skipped right over anything with a substituted K. If a day care facility can't spell correctly, then how will they teach my son correctly. It goes further, too, I can't camp at any KOA Kampground in the Kottage Kabins.

2. I dream of yarn. My dreams include fast paced plain crochet so that I can get to the fun decoration part. One day I hope to have my own working studio of art. Weaving (me), painting (Dad), quilting (sister in law Brooke), random project of the day, Shrinky Dink Tuesdays (sister in law Lisa), chef in the box (Keith Lil bro), flower arranging and make in a minute crafts (mom). I'm taking applications if you want to join us!

3. I love my boys. I am amazed at how different they are and how resilient they can be. I also love when they let me do number two (above and in the restroom!).

4. I don't like tagging in Facebook (25? I am having a hard time with 6), lists, chain mail (USPS or electronically) and I really didn't care for that bread that people used to babysit for weeks on end adding water to on the second Thursday after cutting it in half on Monday of the full moon.

5. Procrastinating is fun. I thoroughly enjoy it.

6. Although I don't mention him much on this blog, I love my husband. We have had some tight times but I can see the light. I am so proud of your dedication to go back to school for something you are really excited about that will provide for us all and enable us to do the things of our dreams (or my dreams...hee hee).

And with that, I want to encourage you to check out these cool blogs:

1. Big Grey Birds: If you want honest, vulnerable, edgy, tart, and unexpected, check out this blog.

2. American Girl in Germany: This was started when my brother's wife, Brooke, moved to Germany for 6 (ish) months for work. She is continuing to blog and her photo's are lovely. She is an amazing quilter, but rarely talks quilting (if you aren't into that).

3. inleaf : I love this blog. Lotta's photographs are spectacular and the posts are always entertaining, while keeping the text short. Check our her shop on Etsy, too.

4. Potty Mouth Mama for sure! If you want funny, go here. Be sure to look back in the historical posts about her bin diving in the dark.

5. Twitter: It is technically a micro-blog, right? It is interesting and sometimes totally bizarre, especially when Big Grey Birds starts twitting before her coffee - or late at night.

6. G Whiz Studio This is my high school friend-and sister in law Lisa. I love Lisa's posts. She takes nice photos and is a wealth of daily ideas. Some great ideas, some a little wild that could use some reigning in. Either way, check out her blog and let her now you want more. Keep blogging, Lisa!


Starla said...

lol at #5...i don't know if it's fun...but i'm a BIG procrastinator! although, i do seem to thrive on the madness procrastination brings on. :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, you are too find and I see you know my weaknesses...probably because they're so obvious. LOL Thank you.

Lisa G at G Whiz said...

Awwwww, thanks for mentioning the blog. I was inspired to post. YES, I have a new post, FINALLY!! Thanks