Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Mouse Click

I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed or encouraged by Little O's web ability. He is just over two and a half years old, but sometimes I see a full fledged 4 year old in this little guy. He is big enough to walk himself to bed, as long as I carry his towels (two hot pink hand towels that are his comfort). He is big enough to get his own 'drinks' from the refrigerator (pre-poured in sippy cups). And, he is big enough to navigate through the games on the Sesame Street website. He was clicking through new games and followed the directions and clicked or used the keyboard. I was amazed.

To be ready for kindergarten, I had to be potty trained, know my name and be able to sing the ABC song. When Sam went to kindergarten, he needed to know shapes and how to spell and how to hop on one foot (still working on that one). So what will happen with Little O? Computer skills? Phonics? Writing in cursive?

I do feel guilty for letting him on the computer, I should be working with him one on one. I also feel guilty for letting him watch too much television, I could be reading to him. In our home, we do what we can. We are in no way even close to perfect. We fight, we yell, we hit, we don't all use the bathroom and some of us still use baby talk. But we have fun, we play, we wrestle, we do lots of crafts, we play board games and we read books.

It's all about balance, or so I hear.

Last night while singing the third of three songs to Little O, he corrected me. This is what I was told to sing, after all, bedtime songs are all about this boy:

Rock-a-bye Toddler, on the tree top...and down will come Toddler, cradle and all.
Then a kiss goodnight to "my little boy".
"No, I'm not a little boy, I'm a TODDLER."

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