Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ham, Dimmer Switch and Flowers

All, from my Valentine.

Thanks, Tom. I love you.


Ham steaks for dinner. Dimmer switch for our terribly bright dining room chandelier that I am not so fond of. And flowers, because he knows I adore the peachy yellow ones with dark edges. I couldn't decide on one pic, so you get three.

As kind and thoughtful as the ham steaks were, Sam really wanted pancakes and since it is Valentine's Day, we made them pink. And added some chocolate chips. If you know my two boys, you will know which one ate the chocolate chipped cakes and the one that went plain with a fork.

Any one out there looking for Gluten Free Pancake mix, Maple Grove Farms has a nice one available at that giant megastore that starts with a W and ends in mart. Only problem is the size, it comes in a small amount making 3 batches per box (6-8 cakes per serving).

God Bless those kids at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb. Why is all this happening? And who is going to do something about it? What will high schools and colleges be like when my boys get there? Scary thoughts.
No more thoughts like that today. It is valentines day, and I am going to watch "(Finding)Nemooooooo" for the 9th time this week with my special little valentines.

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