Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Giving Handmade Gifts

Sometimes it is to save a little money.

Sometimes it is because I don't have a project going.

Sometimes it is because I have a skein or two of yarn.

Most times, it is because I think the recipient would appreciate it.

Sometimes, they wish I would have gotten the Diaper Champ off the registry.

But this time, it is because he just loves it.

This is Myles - forgive us for the picture, it was taken moments ago by Myles' mom, Gretchen, via cell phone. Gretchen asked me to make a new bed for this awesome dog. This took 48 minutes to make, plus a little extra for the cool dog bone pillow that I really didn't think would be used as an actual pillow.

Sweet dreams, Myles! I'll make you anything.

Interested in a crocheted dog sweater and matching booties?

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